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Your generous contributions play a crucial role in covering essential daily expenses, such as food, clothing, recreational activities, group mentoring sessions, and emergency services. Many young individuals silently endure crisis situations, hesitating to seek help. Since its establishment, KFS&C has already made a significant impact by assisting numerous individuals in need.

You have the opportunity to create a meaningful difference by making a quick and secure online donation, sending a check by mail, setting up a monthly donation, or specifying your gift for a particular purpose. Your support, regardless of the amount or method of donation, will positively impact the lives of many individuals confronting trauma. There are various ways you can contribute to changing lives, whether by becoming an e-helper, organizing a fundraiser, donating essential items, or volunteering your time.

Your donations empower us to cover day-to-day expenses like food, bedding, heat, electricity, recreational activities, and counseling services. Every contribution, regardless of the amount or method, eases the burden for teens navigating trauma. You can also make a difference through various avenues, such as becoming an e-helper, planning fundraisers, donating essential items, or volunteering.

By donating any amount monthly, you can stay updated on our community assistance initiatives. Your continued support enables us to fulfill our mission of transforming lives and providing essential support to those in need. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.

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We thank you for your donation!

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