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Mentoring at K.F.S.&C. is a transformative journey where our mentors not only deeply care for our mentees but also invest time in building personal connections with each individual. We aim to inspire and empower them to believe in their limitless potential. Understanding the significant challenges faced by individuals aged 13–30, some of whom have turned to coping mechanisms resulting in struggles like substance abuse or involvement in criminal activities, we guide them towards discovering and nurturing their hidden talents. This redirection leads them to a positive path connected to community resources that align with their aspirations.

Our commitment transcends mere guidance; we host monthly events that foster a sense of community and joyful celebration. From birthday gatherings to recreational activities for stress relief, and intimate heart-to-heart sessions for listening and support, these gatherings have a profound impact. We have had the privilege of supporting numerous individuals who were unfairly stigmatized by society as mentally ill or delinquent, offering them acceptance and support to mitigate the risks of depression, criminal behavior, or even suicide. At K.F.S.&C., we meet individuals where they are, providing a safe and non-judgmental environment.

We encounter numerous individuals who have been victims of various crimes and are caught in family custody battles that have fractured and devastated their families. The absence of counseling has left children and parents grappling with emotional turmoil, often leading to involvement in criminal activities. Additionally, we come across children labeled as "at-risk" or marginalized and abandoned by society. These children may have parents struggling with substance abuse, leading to their placement in group homes or foster care. Some children are orphaned due to their parents' incarceration, plunging them into the foster care system and exposing them to profound suffering. We also meet children trapped in the harrowing world of sex trafficking, courageously fighting to survive against all odds.

Furthermore, we extend our support to children with disabilities, who are often overlooked due to their challenges but possess numerous untapped talents. Our hearts go out to children who have endured unspeakable abuse, whether it be sexual, physical, or emotional. At K.F.S.&C., we serve as a beacon of hope for these vulnerable individuals, providing them with a sanctuary and unwavering support during their darkest moments.


Mentoring Services:
At K.F.S.&C., our mentoring services pair mentors with mentees seeking guidance. Our mentors are compassionate, dedicated, and experienced individuals who are driven by a passion for helping others realize their full potential. Through personalized guidance, our mentors equip mentees with the essential skills, resources, and knowledge required to thrive and succeed

"I do not know anyone who has got to the top without hard work. That is the recipe. It will not always get you to the top, but should get you pretty near." — Margaret Thatcher

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